Splint Media was conceived in the Amazon basin of Brazil in 2001 and currently calls Portland, Oregon home. Over the years we’ve been privileged to work with many large organizations, university groups, and even many small business owners. We’ve gathered a wide skill set and we’re constantly expanding our abilities to be able to provide you with an endless supply of outlets to promote and expand your business or project.

You might be thinking, why Splint? A splint is a device used to strengthen, support and heal. Similarly here at Splint we strive to strengthen your project through targeted and important upgrades to all of your materials whether they reside on the internet, in print, video or any other medium we can think of. Our main goal is that you have all of the tools we can provide to give you a greater measure of success in your field.

Drop us a line and tell us all about what you’re doing and we’ll let you know how we can help.